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Retained Surgical Items Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

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Retained surgical items, also known as “lost” or “left behind” surgical items, are objects that are inadvertently left inside a patient’s body after surgery. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including human error, lack of proper communication, and failure to follow established protocols. Retained surgical items can cause serious harm to patients, including pain, infection, and even death. In this article, we will explore retained surgical items lawsuits, including the common types of items left behind, the causes of retained surgical items, and what patients can do if they suspect a retained surgical item.

Types of Retained Surgical Items

The most common types of retained surgical items include:

  1. Sponges or gauze
  2. Surgical instruments or tools
  3. Sutures or staples
  4. Needles or knitting needles
  5. Guidewires or catheters
  6. Implants or prosthetics
  7. Bone fragments or bone chips
  8. Foreign objects, such as a broken instrument or a piece of equipment

Causes of Retained Surgical Items

Retained surgical items can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Lack of communication among healthcare providers
  2. Failure to follow established protocols and procedures
  3. Inadequate training or experience of healthcare providers
  4. Poor lighting or visibility during surgery
  5. Rushed or hurried surgical procedures
  6. Complex surgeries that require multiple instruments and items
  7. Emergency situations that require quick decision-making

Consequences of Retained Surgical Items

Retained surgical items can have serious consequences for patients, including:

  1. Infection or sepsis
  2. Pain or discomfort
  3. Organ damage or injury
  4. Intestinal blockages or perforations
  5. Abscesses or hematomas
  6. Blood poisoning or sepsis
  7. Death

Legal Ramifications of Retained Surgical Items

Retained surgical items can lead to medical malpractice lawsuits, which can result in significant financial and reputational consequences for healthcare providers. In a retained surgical item lawsuit, the patient or their family may claim that the healthcare provider was negligent or failed to meet the standard of care. The patient may seek compensation for damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Retained surgical items after a procedure can lead to serious health complications and emotional distress for patients and their families. Knowing your rights and understanding the legal options available is crucial in such situations. The Law Office of Marc Walwyn is committed to providing expert legal assistance to those affected by retained surgical items. Our team of dedicated legal professionals has the expertise and experience to ensure you receive the compensation and justice you deserve. Contact The Law Office of Marc Walwyn today to learn more about how we can support you through this challenging time.